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HE Minister of Health Announces Hail Health Projects
22 May 2011
HE the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Rabeeah, announced yesterday that a number of health projects are proposed for the Hail region.  During a press conference at Hail Principality Headquarters which was also attended by the Governor of Hail, Prince Saudi Bin Abdul Mohsin, HE Dr. Al Rabeeah said that among the new projects will be a 200-bed maternity and pediatric hospital, and the 300-bed Hail General Hospital.  A new cardiology center has already been staffed and will open soon to serve patients from the Hail region. 

HE clarified that the Ministry’s health project development plan strategies are based on objective scientific and professional standards. The Ministry studied the current state of the Kingdom’s health facilities and prepared a ten-year strategic plan to address any obstacles; this plan includes the Integrated National Healthcare Project. 

Prince Saud Bin Abdul Mohsin delivered a speech to welcome HE and his delegation at the beginning of the press conference, highlighting the great improvements in the Kingdom’s healthcare sectors and projects, and praising the latest royal decree from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and Crown Prince which added significantly to the healthcare budget.  HH also stressed that Hail needs such health projects to improve healthcare in the region. He noted that Hail Specialist Hospital with a 500-bed capacity as well as other health projects are under construction and will be opening soon. 

HE Minister of Health thanked HH Prince Saud for his gracious reception and hospitality, confirming that his visit is the result of our leaders’ dedication and commitment to upgrading the quality of the Kingdom’s healthcare services.  HE also added that the Ministry is working to implement all approved health projects.  HE then gave a presentation about new healthcare projects in the region, developing the infrastructure of King Khalid Hospital, the overall state of health services, and the need for future health projects in the Hail region.          
HE clarified that a permanent task force has been formed to study the implementation of Hail Specialist Hospital 200-bed capacity, including obstacles faced and actions needed based on Integrated National Healthcare Project standards.  Implementation will be carried out in Al Ha'et – Baqa'a as well as a Mental Health Hospital, Moukq Hospital, Al Ghazalah Hospital, Al Ha'et Hospital and Al Shenan Hospital, as well as some hospitals with a 500-bed capacity.  A task force for following up on delayed projects has also been formed to report periodically on projects to Prince Saud and to the Minister of Health.  HE noted that the Hail Specialist Hospital project with a 500-bed capacity will be implemented in a year, were Hail Mental Hospital will be ready soon.

Regarding health center projects, HE clarified that the Ministry has received final-stage implementation plans for 52 health centers, and preliminary plans for 44 health centers.  Eight health centers are under construction, and 18 more will be proposed by the Hail Health Directorate for implementation tenders.  
HE added that the number one priority is providing high-quality health services throughout the Kingdom to reduce the increased number of patients traveling from long distances to be treated in major population areas.  The Ministry is keen to hire highly qualified Saudi and international physicians for all specialties, particularly for outlying regional hospitals.  HE concluded that Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz Medical City will provide fourth-level health services to the entire Northern region.  

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