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a) All visitors age under 15 years travelling to Saudi Arabia from countries reporting polio following importation or due to circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus in the past 12 months  (as of mid-February, 2013, see list below) should be vaccinated against poliomyelitis with the OPV. Proof of OPV or IPV vaccination is required 6 weeks prior to the application for entry visa. Irrespective of previous immunization history, all visitors under 15 years arriving in Saudi Arabia will also receive 1 dose of OPV at border points.
Polio cases related to wild poliovirus importation or to circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus have been registered during the past 12 months in the following countries: Chad, Kenya, Niger, Somalia and Yemen.

b) All travellers arriving from polio-endemic countries and re-established transmission countries, namely: Afghanistan, Chad, Nigeria and Pakistan regardless of age and vaccination status, should receive 1 dose of oral polio vaccine (OPV). Proof of polio vaccination at least 6 weeks prior to departure is required for visitors from polio-endemic and re-established transmission countries to apply for entry visa for Saudi Arabia and travellers will also receive 1 dose of OPV at borders points on arrival in Saudi Arabia. The same requirements are valid for travellers from recently endemic countries at high risk of re-importation of poliovirus, i.e. India.



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